Brand Identity for vividh
For this newly launched mid-market retail fashion store, we were appointed to create a complete Branding solution. We helped the store position itself uniquely within its segment, by creating an enriching Brand Experience ranging from Verbal Identity to environmental design.

Business Issue:
The retail fashion store was planned for a locality graduating from budget to mid-market, predominantly vernacular, targeting the family largely. We were tasked to create a Brand Name which was not too hep, not too ordinary, not ethnic, and in a locally familiar language. And, a Brand experience to match.

Design Response:
We had to create a Verbal identity for a locality conversant with Kannada, Hindi, and English, in that order. It also had to convey a Brand promise of affordable fashion for the entire family. We came up with the Brand name vividh, meaning varied in Kannada and Hindi. Its also a variant of ‘vivid’ from English – bright, lively images. The Brand promise was delivered through the tagline fashion for all.

For the Visual Identity, we chose a typeface that depicted people, people in joy with the place and its products. The imagery created for the letter ‘V’, of a person raising his arms in joy, was used across the communication, Ambience, and Collateral Designs.

We created interesting visuals of fashion statements, and of people in joy. And these were used across the store to create the right mood for the place.

Business Result:
vividh opened up to a thumping response and the business continues to grow on its initial success.

The Story In Pictures

Inspiration Identity evolves Brand Identity for vividh Environment Design

Client: Passion Apparels Industry: Retail Services: Identity+Collateral+Ambience Design

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