Brand Identity for unikidz
With playschools popping up like mushrooms, Unikidz needed to highlight its unique character while also asserting its well-established status within its geography, to retain, and build upon its success. Our design solutions helped it get back to its Uni- position.

Business Issue:
Vivekananda Educational Centre has been running its in-house preschool for years, enjoying its ‘preferred’ tag. However, growing competition coupled with the scope to build on its success, brought in the necessity to move away from the existing name & visual imagery to something that could take them to a higher plane.

Design Response:

The Brand Identity solution for Unikidz involved a Verbal & a Visual identity. A new name was to replace their existing one. Among our suggestions, Unikidz was chosen by the client, for the multiple ideas it could trigger – it stands for a place where every child is considered and treated uniquely, it is symbolic of a unique place; Uni also means No.1- so the name also stands for the best place for kids, and a place that helps the little ones become the best. With so many thoughts the name brings across, it is still simple, easy to recall & pronounce.

The Visual identity consists of a cherubic boy & a cute girl, who act as the Brand’s mascots, standing against a creative strawberry. An open-book shaped plaque provides the backdrop for the name. The overall visual is lovable & cute, just like the little ones who pour into the playschool each morning, all decked up and excited for another fascinating day of learning and fun.

We created The joy of learning as the Brand’s positioning to showcase the prechool as a place where kids would love to come for the fun of learning. We also designed the entire internal & external communication for the school to ensure Brand consistency at every touchpoint.

Business Result:
The Brand’s mascots received a warm welcome from all. With our designs, the place was catapulted into an exciting place for learning and fun activities. In the first year after its rebranding, Unikidz was able to double its admissions while also bringing in a higher value from each admission, effectively tripling its business. A new branch is now set to open, to build on its encouraging success.

The Story In Pictures

Inspiration Brand Identity for unikidz Communication Design Certificate Design Print Ad

Client: Vivekananda Education Centre Industry: Education – Preschooling Services: Identity + Collateral + Signage + Communication Design

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