Brand Identity for Tatvaa International School
Tatvaa International School proposes to be a progressive school providing world-class education with an equal focus on core values for all round development. We helped them project their aspirations through a visual identity to match.

Business Issue:
Tatvaa International School is proposed to be be set up as a co-educational Day School just outside Bangalore. With an international curriculum and a special focus on overall development, the School aims to develop the children as responsible and responsive self-starters. We were approached to create a visual identity to help communicate the vision to all stakeholders.

Design response:
Aspiration was the inspiration for Tatvaa and this is what we wanted to project through the identity. We did not want to create yet another ‘shield’ identity, like scores of schools have. And, for this International school, creating a very ethnic ‘Indian’ identity wouldn’t help either. Also, we had to restrain from creating a very colorful and trendy identity, to project the high standard and solidity of the school’s mission.

We created a visual identity that signifies how Tatvaa International School helps discover the essence within, through education, to soar high beyond barriers, with enthusiasm. It is a visual of a free spirit exulting in exploration.

The identity is a spirited, confident person, always looking forward, keen to face challenges and break barriers. He’s focused, knowledgible, and has discovered his essence. He’s full of life and spires for the best.

Business Result:
The Management of the proposed School were pleased with the new Identity which has helped them garner sustained interest among their stakeholders for their upcoming project.

The Story In Pictures

Inspiration Identity evolves Identity evolves Brand Identity for Tatvaa International School

Client: Tatvaa International School Industry: Education Services: Identity Design

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