Brand Identity for SRTC
SRTC Tech Solutions, part of the 25 years old Shree Ram Telecom, was created to explore new age technology solutions that would help people connect better. We helped them convert their powerful vision into a visual identity that speaks the same language and demonstrates the excitement of emerging technologies.

Business Issue:
SRTC Tech Solutions is a part of the Shree Ram Telecom (SRTC) group of companies, a leading player in South India in the distribution of IT technology, telecom and personal lifestyle products. The new company was formed to create a platform to explore emerging technologies on Web, Mobile, IPTV and GPS Platforms for Marketing and Promotional activities. SRTC envisioned its new company as a hotbed of new and emerging technology, where experimental ideas using new age media would be created that would ultimately help people connect better.

Design response:
The verbal Identity being decided by the client to be “SRTC Tech”, our challenge was to create a Brand Identity that would communicate the vision and expertise of the company in a manner that would also take care of the challenges presented by the name. We decided to use a visual element as well as a typeface style that would help create a strong Brand Identity.

We designed an icon that is symbolic of varied individuals , represented by dots, who are connected by enabling technology, the dashes, in harmony. The colours represent the many faces of society as also a lively energetic place with happening technology. The complete picture is that of an arrow head pointing forward, made up of people connected well with technology, to announce ‘enabling technology that helps society grow together & move forward’

Our typographical solution included colour differentiation as well as splitting the name into two lines to ensure easy reading & yet creating a complete picture. Tommorow starts here was coined as the tag line presenting the Company’s mission,  showcasing the company as a hotbed of new age solutions.

Business Result:
SRTC is exploring solutions for emerging technologies like Web, Mobile, GPS & IPTV. The Brand Identity designed by us helped them put across their vision succintly and engage partners in their endeavours towards creating a new community-driven environment with their technologies.

The Story In Pictures

Inspiration Brand Identity for SRTC Communication Design

Client : SRTC Tech Solutions Industry : Technology / Software Service : Identity Design + Communications Design

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