Brand Identity for Panacea Facilities Management
Panacea is a leading Facilities Management company, catering to a plethora of top notch corporates across Bangalore and Hyderabad. It prides itself in matching its own professionalism to the high standards its clients set for themselves. Our Branding helped them take this a step further.

Business Issue:
Panacea deals with Facilties Management and the numerous implicit issues that come along with it. So, Panacea was to be projected as an answer to all problems its clients face everyday. A Brand Identity and collateral was required to project this.

Design Response:
We felt the best way to reflect Panacea’s core values was to project the meaning of the word Panacea, through the Visual Identity. So, we chose a overlay image of a Question Mark and a ‘P’. The identity projects how ‘P’, for Panacea, is hidden as the answer within the Question Mark. It drives the point about Panacea being the answer to all problems.

The taglineĀ here to help demonstrates the corporate attitude, presenting the Company as an eager service provider.

A corporate Blue color tone and a solid typeface were used to deliver the Brand promise of professionalism and quality.

Business Result:
Panacea was able to garner many new additions to its impressive clientele, while also gaining the confidence of its existing clients. And it continues to do so, growing across multiple cities.

The Story In Pictures

Identity evolves Brand Identity for Panacea Facilities Management Communication Design

Client: Panacea Facilities Management Industry: Service Services: Identity+Collateral Design

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