Namma Metro

When Bangalore’s Metro Rail finally moved to the implementation phase, the Corporation(BMRC) decided to go in for a rebranding exercise. BMRC made a public call for entries to choose a new identity designed by the citizens. Our entry was chosen, among 400+ entries, to be the new face of Bangalore’s Metro.

Business Issue:
Bangalore’s Metro Rail was in the Planning phase for a very long time. And, when it finally moved to the Implementation phase, BMRC needed to renew the interest of all its stakeholders in the project. The exisitng identity was not very modern and lacked appeal. BMRC wanted to go in for a new Identity to announce its renewed vigor in implementing the project, involving the public (end-users) in the process.

Design response:
When we made a study of the identities of Metros across the globe, we noticed how most of them revolved around the concept of an arrow, to project motion, and direction. So, our creation needed to express itself without losing itself in this crowd of arrows. To keep a local flavor, we let ourselves be inspired by the local tradition of Rangoli – design patterns drawn across the doorway, as an auspicious and welcoming sign.

We created a pattern which was a seamless double-tracked loop that reached across the four corners and intersected at the center. The Identity signifies how the Metro Rail provides a smooth and effortless ride across the city, in contrast to the highly congested road traffic.

The Identity is a modern representation of an traditional art. The green color is symbolic of the Garden city, as also the eco-friendly, pollution-free Metro Rail. The purple color is symbolic of technology and modernity. The Metro Rail will be identified as “namma Metro”, i.e., “our Metro”.

Business Result:
The Identity was chosen by a panel of Branding experts. The final adaptation of the Identity was suitably fine-tuned. The new identity has since been widely publicised in local, national, and international media. More endearing has been the warmth with which the people of Bangalore have welcomed it. Its now a mark of their hopes of a better tomorrow.

The Story In Pictures

Old Logo Bangalore Traffic Inspiration Identity evolves Brand Identity for Bangalore Metro Unveiling of Identity

Client : Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Industry : Urban Transport Service : Rebranding
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