Hyderabad IT Summit

Brand Identity for Hyderabad IT Summit
When the Andhra Pradesh IT Department planned the State’s first ever IT Summit, it needed to showcase Hyderabad as an investor-friendly destination for global IT businesses. Our branding of the Summit helped them project a warm, welcoming, professional image of a tech-friendly city.

Business Issue:
Andhra Pradesh (AP) is ranked fourth among the IT exporters in India. The city of Hyderabad has 40 IT SEZs and hopes to reach $7 billion mark with a prospective growth of 50 per cent during the current financial year. To provide a further thrust, AP IT Dept planned the IT Summit to focus on ‘Empowering of IT with world class infrastructure’.?

Design response:
We knew we had to project a techno-cultural image as the identity, for it to be in sync with the city and its culture. We wanted to represent Hyderabad in atypical fashion, in contrast to the conventional images overused by almost every other brand in the city.

IT has been one of the more recent strengths of this city, and growing. The identity would need to provide an impetus to this growth. And to do so, a very professional and international appeal, a look and feel different from a conventional Govt. Agency Branding, was required.

We came up with the idea of a flower formed by the basic elements of computing, 0 & 1. The pattern represented the city’s culture of welcoming – a warm welcome to global technology, with world class infrastructure. A vibrant violet color was used to denote technology.

Business Result:
The Summit delivered a much needed thrust to the IT industry in Hyderabad, with many new investment oppurtunities explored during the Summit, invloving companies from across the globe.

The Story In Pictures

Inspiration Identity evolves Brand Identity for Hyderabad IT Summit Inauguration by Chief Minister of AP

Client: AP IT Industry: IT Services / Exhibition Services: Identity Design

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