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Identity for Florence High School
With a change in Management at Florence High School (FHS), a rebranding exercise for the school was done to provide the School a more contemporary and competitive image. We created an identity that was as distinguished and revitalising as the changes taking place at the school. And we complemented it with some homogeneous internal & external communication, quite a drift from their archaic designs.

Business Issue:
FHS wanted to change over from their existing archaic identity to create a Brand value for a school that was modern in its outlook and professional in its approach. The school was to be projected as a cheerful place filled with interesting activities and focused on overall development of its students. A change in the collateral and communication design was also required, to match the new identity.

Design response:
The existing identity was a typical Shield emblem, overused and age-old – not ideal for a modern school of thought (pun intended). A more modern design, with a sense of balance & discipline is what we sought. And, of course, the school being a special place for children, the identity had to be bright and cheerful, projecting an open place.

We came up with a bright, colorful visual of children exhilarating in joy of their newfound knowledge, as the identity. An elegant, clean typeface, with a modern cut, was used to project a place of discipline and high standards. The colors signfy the children from different sections of the society, as much as the four activity houses in the school that children are grouped under. Their coming together signifies their unison in creating a better world.

The Brand is young, enthusiastic, and explorative. It exudes a spirit of sharing and unity, in an open environment. It is disciplined in its form and modern in its approach. Its enjoying the freedom of knowledge.

Business Result:
A homogeneous communication and collateral design, across varied media, helped the school create a positive, professional image among all its stakeholders including parents. This made it easier for the new Management to bring in the reforms.

This poser by a child to the Principal, during the implementation phase, sums it all – “why the new design has not been put up on the Signboard yet?”

The Story In Pictures

Old Logo Inspiration Identity for Florence High School Communication Design Certificate Design NoteBook Cover Design Magazine Design

Client: Florence High School Industry: Education Services: Rebranding + Collateral + Communication Design

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