Brand Identity for Divyasree Group's Company
Divyasree Group of companies have varied interests ranging from Infrastructure Development to Property Management. We were appointed to create a synchronous set of identities to carry across the core business values of the group.

Business Issue:
Shyamaraju & Co., the promoters of Divyasree Developers have many business verticals which have been developed over a period. Each of the Group companies have individual strengths and markets, such as infrastrucutre development, software parks, realty etc. However, they have been using a common identity so far. We were tasked to design a separate identity for each of them, projecting the specific business, whilst retaining their alliance to the parent company, to reflect the Group values.

Design Response:
The existing visual identity of Divyasree Developers takes its form from the letter ‘D’, in corporate blue color. To reflect the core Group values, we decided to create Identities, for each of the five companies, using a Stylised form of D. To showcase their individual strength / business interest, we added a unique style for each of them. We used tones of blue and an occasional dash of ochre to retain the visual language of the mother Brand.

Business Result:
Each Group company is now showcasing its area of specialisation to its clients, whilst also reflecting the professional culture and core values of the Group. The Group of companies has benefitted by displaying its varied strengths to its clients, with its synchromous set of identities.

The Story In Pictures

Brand Identity for Divyasree Group's Company Brand Identity for Divyasree Group's Company

Client: Shyamraju & Co. Industry: Infrastructure Services: Identity Design

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