Brand Identity for Broadway Pavers
When a leading Infrastructure Development company initiated Broadway Pavers as a part of their backward integration, we were commisioned to create a Branding solution that would position them as one of the most professional companies in an otherwise unorganised sector. We gave them a solution that helped them do just that.

Business Issue:
Broadway Pavers had a clear charter – quality and professionalism in all their activities, something that isn’t commonplace among Pavers manufacturers. They wanted to create a Brand that would reflect their philosophy and establish them as the leading player in this field. Collateral and Product catalogue designs were also required to carry through this message.

Design Response:
We were inspired by the interesting patterns created with Pavers, and wanted to reflect this in the identity. We created a ‘B’ using pavers, to drive home the point. A stylish ‘B’ was used to project modernity, swiftness, and a forward looking demeanor.

A solid, elegant and modern typeface was used to project the core values. A contemporary glossy look was used to make it look a touch above the ordinary.

Business Result:
Broadway Pavers has created a niche for itself with its professionalism and high quality standards within a short span of its existence.

The Story In Pictures

Identity evolves Brand Identity for Broadway Pavers Communication Design

Client: Broadway Pavers & Concrete Products Pvt. Ltd Industry: Construction Materials Services: Identity + Collateral Design

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