Almost a Good Day

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Britannia, one of India’s biggest biscuit manufacturers unveiled a new identity on its 100th anniversary. Designed in ‘close consultation’ with Interbrand, Brittania dons new flavors once again after 20 years.

Ali Harris, Head of Marketing, Britannia Industries said, “We held on to our heritage red, made green a bit more vibrant and added in a new color yellow. The new logo identity also has great shelf throw, which is critical in our cluttered retail environment. As we look to emerge as a ‘Global total foods company, this new logo is crafted to unbox Britannia and open it up to bright new horizons. 

Ashish Mishra, Managing Director, Interbrand India, said, “When good and fun combine, new possibilities arise. The idea was to dispel the belief that what ís good will not be fun and what ís fun will never be good.”


The old logo designed 20 years ago – an enclosure within an enclosure, all in two colors perhaps due to limited printing possibilities, was nothing much to talk about. Except, of course, its tagline which many companies would still want to position themselves as, even today.

The new logo extends the green assertion from the old logo into a horizon. It now sports a new enclosure which is better, but thats about it. The type could have been worked upon a bit more, giving it some uniqueness.

“Exciting goodness” tries to capture the old positioning while packing in some excitement into a small phrase. While its not as direct an advice to its customers as a “Eat healthy, think better”, it still holds a promise of some excitement and goodness in eating healthy. 


All things put together, the new identity does serve some goodness but lacks in the other half of its positioning – excitement.


Strategy : 80%        Creativity : 50%        Execution : 50%


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