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Posted August 11th, 2011 by L

Visa & MasterCard are electronic payment gateways ( for cards ) the world over with hardly any competition, especially so in India. Most of the transactions happening through credit/ debit cards in India are through these foreign owned enterprises, irrespective of the bank issuing the card. The Reserve Bank of India, has set up the National Payment Corporation of India to change the scene. And with this takes birth, ‘Rupay’.

For the record, this payment gateway was initially named IndiaPay but with couple of other entities also planning ventures with same/similar name, in Dec 2010 the name was changed to Rupay, coined from Rupee + Pay. Good line of thought you might say, but a little googling brings up an erstwhile payment gateway of the same name in Russia, standing for Russian + Ukranian+Pay. Considering the rupee connection in the name, the strategy is entirely India-oriented. In a world where we are increasingly transacting across the globe, this appears somewhat restrictive, but that again probably stems from the fact that it is meant only for domestic rupee transactions.

The visual identity has been created by RKSwamy BBDO. Its a little shocking to note there is nothing unique in the mark; its something that’s been seen innumerable times before and looks half-baked. Its a possibility the client brief may have been restrictive and the solution may have been subject to inherent bureaucracy expected in such corporations, but you need to overcome those.

Tiringly overused colors from the flag, indistinguishable typeface combined with an absolutely commonplace mark, its a surprise someone even thought of trademarking it. Reportedly, as per the agency, this is supposed to be for the masses. I don’t agree the so-called masses deserve something like this. Aren’t the same masses exposed to Visa & Mastercard, day in and day out? Imagine a Visa or a Mastercard churning out such fare in the name of ‘mass appeal’! That will be the day!

No second thoughts, this brand design does not match up, missing it by miles.

50% on strategy
10% on creativity
10% on execution

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