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Posted November 16th, 2011 by jayanth

Many would not have bought an OCM fabric asking for it by name, but many would surely recall its famed ad jingle, “Oh! see him, O-C-M, Oh! See him!” But that was from a time when people bought fabrics, fished for a tailor, and underwent trials before they could get to wear their bespoke clothes. In today’s time of instant gratification and ready-to-wear clothes, it takes more than just a nice jingle to push your customer to go through the grind and buy something he could wear only after a fortnight and not to tonite’s do.

Official Speak : The logo draws inspiration from free-flowing drapes, signifying freedom and the unrestricted spirit of today’s men, who define their significant moments in their own terms. The fresh logo also suggests the brand’s dynamism and ability to evolve with the times. “The new identity introduces a certain element of liveliness and captures the very essence of how we operate at OCM. This is not just ‘let’s wake up one day and change our identity’ style of marketing, but rather a game-changing strategy with real, on-ground changes in product innovation, exploring new markets, fresh product offerings and energising trade channels”, said S K Singhal, chief executive officer, OCM India.

Established in 1824, OCM today belongs to W.L. Ross & Co, a global investor in corporate restructurings. The last change in OCM’s logo happened nearly a century ago. Now with sales dropping nearly 50% in the last 10 years, and the young generally avoiding bespoke clothes, suitings today is a challenging business. Logistics of buying and stitching is one issue and relevance to youth is altogether another. This identity change attempts to address at least one of these, to make it more relevant to the youth.

Designed by EURO RSCG, this identity is an attempt to bring down the seriousness of the old identity, to play it cool. And yet it comes off as a weaker looking logo. The oddly placed ‘M’ and the link connecting ‘C’ and ‘M’ appear too trying and constructed, and not draping or flowing as they would like us to believe. The ‘SUITING’ hiding below the M in its faded color appears almost ashamed of being present there.

The choice of color is decent, the gradation passable. But as a word mark, it lacks the punch; the punch that the old logo had. Though it was not unique in color, typography or form, it still made an impact.

This new mark makes me just wait in anticipation, for the soon-to-be next change.

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