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Posted December 13th, 2011 by jayanth

NBC bearings are manufactured by National Engineering Industries, established in 1946 and part of the 150 year old CK Birla group. NBC bearings are standard in various automobiles & machinery used commonly. With stiff challenges that every category of Indian manufacturer faces today, viz China on one hand and the western MNCs on the other hand, NBC attempts to distinguish itself by highlighting its key product features – flexibility and moldability.

Official speak: “Our logo symbolizes everything we are striving for, while keeping our values intact and the brand promise of adapting to the dynamic requirements of customers by striving to provide bearings solutions and allied services.”

For anyone who has ever bought or even thought of buying a bearing, NBC would be on top of the mind. And its big bold old look had a lot to do with it. The strong uppercase letters now make way for the rounded, lowercase ones. Though falling for the trend, it seems to work in this case. The letters with their rounded look have an uncanny similarity with the bearings itself. And the exposing cuts in between reflect flexibility to adapt and connect.

Designed by Mumbai based Chlorophyll, the new look retains the basic colors but replaces “bearings” with “ flexible solutions”. I’m not totally comfortable with this bit. With a new look, “bearings” should have been retained to ease the transition and build on its equity. Without it, NBC appears somewhat lost and would take some extra effort to reconnect it to the original NBC bearings brand.

Overall, its a good change that should have a bearing on how NBC moves forward.

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  1. R.Kumar says:

    worst brand logo that people could have designed. Whole core bearing concept is gone now and more boasts upon flexibility which is a too big proposition to offer. It looks like an IT service company.



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