Kyu Sera Cera?

Posted November 16th, 2011 by jayanth

31 year old Cera, a Gujarat based sanitaryware brand belonging to the Somany family is among the top 5 sanitaryware manufacturers in the country. Close on the heels of competitor Hindware, Cera too attempts to rebrand itself into what could perhaps be one of the worst rebrandings of the year.

Official speak : “CERA,the bathroom solutions major, unveiled its new logo making the most sweeping transformation of its corporate identity in the Company’s history. The new logo is designed to reflect CERA as a modern brand that continues its tradition of innovative products that meets modern day’s needs. The new Cera logo is infused with a sense of dynamism and openness. Freed from its boundaries, it signifies exploration of new avenues with limitless ambition. The new and modern typeface indicates a strong sense of purpose and confidence. Retaining the blue color keeps CERA connected with its rich heritage of design and innovation for which it is immensely popular. While remaining rooted, it also inspires to adhere to core values of stability and sincerity” ( sic)

Designed by Ahmedabad based Aakriti Promotions and Media, this new mark is, in a single word, SAD.

While the old identity was certainly starving for a facelift, it didn’t deserve this. Just as in the case of OCM, the old blue colored enclosure was solid and recognizable by miles compared to the new. And the stated meaning of the new identity almost comes across as a sarcastically hilarious interpretation.

Freeing up a mark of its enclosure is freeing up boundaries and thinking out of the box, while adding an enclosure is giving it solidity. The ploy seems to work always. Just like passing off any sans-serif type, even an ill-formed and ugly one, as modern and contemporary.

This utterly unimaginative mark is by far the worst we have seen this year and deserves no more thought.

50% on strategy
05% on creativity
05% on execution

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