Small Change for Big Bazaar

Posted November 28th, 2011 by jayanth

Organised retail is a very young story in India and Kishore Biyani has become one of its biggest poster boys, introducing various concepts and formats including Central, Pantaloons, Food Bazaar and Big Bazaar under the Future group banner. Big Bazaar has 150+ stores across India, selling almost every household need. Known for its mass products and prices that attract massive crowds (especially on offer days), Big Bazaar refreshes itself on completing 10 years. And, perhaps getting ready for the FDI coming soon!

Official speak : The new logo stands for a dynamic forward movement and a more modern outlook designed for Indian family. “With the new change we are moving on to a more emotional positioning, The new logo and tagline are contemporary and reflect changing India and ethos of shoppers here,” says Director, Future Group Strategy and Customer, Vibha Rishi

The old logo designed by Idiom (agency invested by Kishore Biyani) did not need any uplift. Not because it was great, but it was as generic as it gets. It was something you always notice but never take note of. The superscript ‘Sone ki Chidiya’, borrowed from the group’s identity, was the only thing of beauty and meaning in it. But the most important part was its promise of low prices and good quality; an extremely tangible benefit when you are targeting the ‘real’ Indian middle class that will  never shell out a single extra rupee.

The new logo designed by the same agency has minor, cosmetic visual changes. The real change is in its positioning, though. ‘Naye India ka bazaar’, literally means ‘a market for modern India’. So a real, tangible benefit (cost & quality) makes an exit and an emotional tug comes in. Will an emotional tug work in a category where every rupee is made to work hard?

Branding theory says creating an emotional connect works. Yet, in this category, these are uncharted waters and the emotional line appears a gamble Big Bazaar is playing for.

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  1. “naye india ka bazzar|”…… sounds so purane jamanae ka talk…….tum aaa gaye devdas……how about …”aaj ke naye india ka bazzar”…..

    also “iis se sasta aur kaheen naheen”……..people dont just want sasta

    dont you think
    “is se saasta aur kahan” was better…..
    looks like the ad agency had run out of an excuse to bill the company that they came up with just about anything to raise an invoice for new work done……naye india ka naya andaz



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