We like to keep it simple.

Our clearly defined process gives you good, creative
solutions that make business sense, and simply work.
Simple solutions require utmost creativity and we
love this challenge all the time.

That makes it easy for you to work with us. And simple.


Mahendra Kumar (aka “L”) specializes in Brand Strategy and Creative Direction.
He likes good design,  and particularly enjoys the process of
creating good designs. His experience in Design spans over a
decade, having designed for companies big and small. He also likes
exploring creativity through Photography and Visual Imagery. He loves
reading books, and writes a bit when he doesn’t find what he wants to read.


Jayanth Jain leads Creative Visualization and Brand Architecture.
He dreams design all the time, and loves thinking out of the box.
Doodling is one of his favorite activities, alongside typography.
He has worked with companies big and small over the past decade,
creating exceptional design solutions. He likes reading up on the latest
trends in Design and also dabbles in art when not doodling.

Our team can help you with any Branding problem or requirement you may have.
We would love talking your Brand. All we need is a word from you.